Thought I’ll put this here as well.

As a translator, I often do my best to make my translations as close to what the words meant as originally are as possible,which includes the sequence the words are placed as well, while adding the meaning behind/nearby if needed to.

The way I translate may be a little confusing, because how English language is structured is different from what other languages are structured so sometimes my translations may seem ‘off’ because I am (as what we say here-) ‘directly-translating’ it (with the same sequence the words are placed and all) into English.

Direct translating may not make any sense so I’m thinking of ways to make it sound ‘English’ while managing to keep the original sequence of how the words are placed as well as drag out the meaning of what I’m translating.

Some people might call me out because “it is too troublesome”, “why not just translate and weave the sentence and words into something easier for the audience to understand?”

No 🙂

Languages are unique and beautiful and I would like to implement that in my translations. Sorry (not sorry) if I’m being selfish lol (in short, I would like to make as little changes to how the words and meaning are sequenced, if possible)

Might write something else after I finished translating one of POCO’s doujins www sfxs are a pain in the ass

Start of this blog

Honestly, I don’t even know where and how to start a blog (or even a fanfic for that matter), but I was spurred on by my fellow otome gaming reviewers, like 4shiki and breadmasterlee/ Hinano , so, even though I am still inexperienced, here I go (on my review writing journey) !

I’ll not ramble on for long, just that I play Japanese PSP otome games (and wanna buy a PSVita to play PSVita otoges sob TT cause I’m using the PPSSPP emulator right now OTL pls don’t report me) and am kind of starting to watch K Dramas and movies more and more nowadays. I do some cleaning and translation works too (but am doing *big procrastination* on them now sorry) and am kinda looking for a group to join i guess…? (please be my friend TT)

Honestly I react so much to the things I watch and experience I was like “lmao why don’t i just sit my fat ass down and write short and sweet reviews for the shows/movies i watch and games i play?” thus,, this blog was born i guess?

Originally I just like lurking and stalking  my fav creators but like,, if some people are not gonna review and talk about the contents I want and need why not do it myself lmao.

Ok i said i wasn’t gonna ramble but i failed so, i guess that’s all I wanted to say for now.

I’ll write a review about the Kdrama: Goblin shortly after I’ve finished with it so please look forward to it!

p.s. i still don’t know how to tidy up blogs and space and such so like,, bear with me plz imma new

p.p.s. my social media’s @harurookies on Instagram and @haruki345174 on twitter but i’m always more active on IG teehee ;9

p.p.p.s. my grammar and english’s pretty bad so like,,, plz don’t attack me I knoe its bad LOL